Pai, Thailand - Scooter fun, gas experience, waterfalls, and majestic views!!!

I had been excited to start at the famed Circus hostel to see the shows and people watch. Oh and bask in the sunshine next to the pool. But I was more excited to ride around Pai on the scooter - oh the corners that awaited me!!!!

 But After trying to sleep in a dorm room with 11 other people I realized I am old. I was in bed by midnight - while my 11 roomies were still out. Just as I was about to fall asleep, half my roomies came in, drunk. And shortly after, the same. This particular dorm had zero privacy curtains. And my bed was smack center of the room, bottom bunk. I had a sleep mask on and headphones with a white noise going but there was simply no hope to sleep. 

(where I woke up to pee in the middle of the night because I'm old.... This task cannot be done quietly no matter how hard I tried. Think zippers, metal bunkbed posts grinding together with the slightest hint of. movement, flashlight to find shoes, flashlight to not take a tumble over the 11 other travelers gear, opening a door that creaked louder than any scary movie and the blaring streetlight apparatus right as I open the door outside...) After tripping and stumbling my way through the mess to the door outside so I could pee... I was over the 12 bed dorm thing 

. I asked for an upgrade to my own room, which I was able to get starting the next day.

The next day came and I woke up eager to ride. disappointment it was crazy foggy or and chilly. So I waited for the fog to lift a little and scooted my way across town, up the hill, and into the countryside. There was a waste fall I found online that I wanted to check out. 

Along the way I realized I needed gas soon. Of course by the time I realized this I was halfway up the mountainside towards the waterfall.

Unsure of where I would get gas I pulled up the trusty app and it said there was a gas station a few miles up the half deserted road I was on. OK.. trust the maps I thought!! As I kept ascending higher and higher into the jungle forest, I Was beginning to doubt the map. I pulled over in a random driveway of a house in the middle of nowhere to re-check the map. As I was doing so a lady walked out of her house and opened the doors to what looked like a tin shed. Inside were two glass jugs - each filled with a different color fluid, and each with a hose coming out of them. She pointed to the seat of the scooter and that is when I realized what was happening - she had gas.. She WAS the gas station. How weird and how random is that!!!!

Continuing up the mountainside I came to the water fall and started the trek.

 I was one of few foreigners amongst the locals who use the falls as their local watering hole. I wandered around and took some pictures before hiking back out. From there I just kept riding the curves and soaking in the scenery.

                                                 Just a guy and his dog!!

Jungle Trekking!

4 boys on one bike... the oldest must have been all of 14

At last!! I have heard and read all about the police checkpoints here - some for drugs and others for checking if people have an international drivers license. I had neither which I guess is good and bad. LOL. This checkpoint was for drugs - I got waived through without hesitation. Apparently I don't make a good looking drug smuggler. So I have that going for me!!

Where there is a red painted corner of a road - I'm not sure the exact meaning, but I assume it to be something like "Slow down or die, dummy".

More amazing views


Sunflower fields... forever..

These look to me like a race is happening and I am currently in first place lol

Andback at the hostel for a bonfire to warm up. Because yes, I am acclimating to the temps and cold.


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