5 Interesting Things about other countries I have learned from people I have met

1. In Israel and the Netherlands, police officers do not carry guns. The biggest 'weapon' they carry is a taser "and a large stick".

2. Other countries (universally) think that America is "VERY dangerous" because we "always have mass killings and out of control gun (toting) people everywhere"

3. In Germany, people are REQUIRED to take a certain number of weeks off per year (I think 6 - might be four). No negotiations. They don't call it a vacation, they call it a 'work holiday'. They (I don't know if it depends on one's profession or if it is universal) also get a 'holiday stipend'. So time off with pay + money to take time off. Why do I live in the States???? They also get free higher education - its universal to anyone who wants to pursue higher ed. ZERO cost. WTH.

4. Canadians have a 'super hard time' getting into the USA 'without a huge hassle'.  They also still have Queen Elizabeth on their money (same as the UK). Something related to history and an agreement between the two countries. (Many of you probably know this stuff, but I failed to pay attention in History classes - so its kind of all new to me lol).

5. It is illegal to wear a full face helmet in Thailand. Half helmet, 3/4 helmet, or skull cap with full face shield are OK. Just not a full face helmet. Thailand has drug checkpoints scattered through the country in which every person must stop unless told otherwise. Some checkpoints are in the same place all the time, others randomly pop up in places. I have passed every one thus far ;)
Thailand police officers also conduct traffic checkpoints in which they (most often) flag foreigners over to see if they have a universal drivers license. If not, the police determine what your fine will be, payable on the spot. I have heard anything from 200B to 500B. Sometimes it is negotiable.
IDL - most people do not have this. This is not an actual license, rather a piece of paper received in one's home country that translates the persons government issued drivers license into Thai. Its $20.00. I don't have one.

I have met some great people from:
The Yukon *they have to fly parts of their jobs - no roads..*
United Kingdom (mostly London)
(And of course Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam)

From this I have learned that I suck at geography and history! *Note to self: Things to Learn About*