Scooter Rental and Rain Delay

Time to check out of the new hostel and head to Chiang Mai. I decided, after talking to a ton of people, that I would rent a scooter for the 4 hour trip. I spoke with folks who ride bikes back home to the very inexperienced to the novice riders - all who had rented a scooter successfully while in town. I read the details of my travel insurance policy as I had heard a rumor that the insurance would be void upon rental of a scooter. Mine was not this way - so I was good to go! I researched rental places and got some word of mouth referrals and headed to Cat Motors - a little over a mile away. I saw a sign that said they were fully booked, and bummed, I called and got some help finding more places to rent. I walked in laps for a bit then when I passed Cat Motors again, I noticed two bikes up front and the sign was gone. I stopped in and there was a couple there in front of me, they took 1 bike and I got the last one!! a 125 Yamaha Scooter. Good enough.

For 1300B I was on my way with a bike rental for a week. I made it back to the hostel planning on packing my bag onto the bike and heading out. As I rode back to the hostel I noticed the sun was missing and the skies were getting fairly dark. It was only noon... so upon weather consultation, it appears as though I was not meant to leave that day. Rain was forecasted the ENTIRE span of my route. And there is only one road between Chiang Mai and Pai. So having no other options, I begrudgingly rebooked one more night in the hostel and would wait to leave until the next day. I did not want to ride a tiny scooter, loaded with ALL my gear, in the rain, on 762 corners, in the left lane. Nothing about that sounded fun nor safe. I ride in the rain all the time back home, but I also have the gear to do it semi-comfortably and do it safely. Not so much here. Bummed, I parked the scooter

and walked across the street for my very first Thai massage from a lady who had been recommended to me prior in the week - who does massage in her home. It was amazing! There was a little yoga, a little chiropractic work, a little stretch therapy, and massage.

 I left there feeling so much better after an hour (and only 170B!) and when I laid down in the bed at the hostel, I woke up 3 hours later. It was pouring rain, so at least I made the right choice. I organized my stuff, worked on this blog, researched things to do once I arrived in Pai and made it an early night so I can ride the next day.