Jet Lag, Traffic, Long walks in the heat... #Bangkok

It took me a full two days to 'get over' jet lag. And by that, I mean I literally slept for an entire day - no concept of what time, or even day it was for that matter. I had hostel mates come and go and I literally couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to say hi. I drank a TON of water the days leading up to my flights, drank a ton of water ON the flights, and more water when I arrived. I added in electrolyte packets every other bottle. And I was still dehydrated, apparently. My first trip down the hall to use the restroom was entertaining too. The doors into the stalls are bi-fold doors. And still very narrow. Once I figured out how to get IN the stall, operate the door, and figure out the locks, I noticed the nice little hose next to the toilet. I had read about this 'peeing culture' oddity. I opted to NOT use said hose.

 Once I got enough umph to move farther than my hostel bed (thankfully the bottom bunk) to the bathroom (a smidge down the hall), I was kind of at a loss on where to start.
View from the hostel
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I wanted to get a cheap phone to use while in Thailand and/or get a sim card for my current phone. So I started walking towards MBK Center. I attempted to get a taxi a couple of times but not knowing HOW to get a taxi to stop became my first barrier. Not knowing the language well combined with not understanding the currency (note to self: study this next time going to foreign country!!!) meant epic fail on getting a taxi. So I walked. And walked. And walked. And walked. And sweated profusely. My body needs time to adjust to the temp differences!!

The traffic here in Bangkok is a force to be reckoned with. I don't know how 200 people a day don't die driving... they drive opposite of the US - right vs left lane - they have scooters and mopeds and crotch rockets and mini bikes and tuk tuks and vehicles and busses... oh and "UPS" types... also on scooters...all seemingly going the same (wrong) way at the same time.
This is why I wont be renting a bike. They drive on the wrong side of the road!

Stop lights are few and far between and really don't mean much.

I would hate to be that delivery human... One bungee.. and all those boxes!
Or this guy!!
Traffic is SO crazy!

Crossing the street via feet is truly a huge risk of your life... (Note to self: they drive opposite of the US... meaning me looking first to the right to check for traffic will do me ZERO good...).

Not only are intersections a life-risking feat - walking on the 'sidewalks' is also seemingly dangerous dance... some sidewalks are wide, some are less than my two feet together are wide, some are taken up 100% by street vendors, and others simply don't exist.
Some sidewalks are HUGE... others are so small a human cannot fit 2 feet on it at once

This is the 'sidewalk'
My theory: Follow the locals. They clearly aren't fearing for their lives...

Another hazard I quickly discovered was my height. I recognize that I am a 'giant' in comparison to locals, but not only is this 'odd', it is perhaps dangerous. You see, the Thai people string all of their electrical lines above ground. And they string them 'high up'. Except their version of high up is much different than mine... What I consider high up is above my arm when stretched up.. theirs is the same. But I am a solid 6-9" taller than most locals. So their wires literally hang 0.5"-2" above my head at any given time. I don't know what's a live wire and not, but I assume they will all zap me for my own recognition.
Their wiring is just as seemingly chaotic as the traffic
Almost taken out by a wire...
I continued to walk, and walk, and walk... past markets, street vendors, stray animals, over riverways, around obstacles in my path...

Yet another fun sidewalk requiring balance and attention

I finally arrived at my destination - MBK Center. "THE MALL" of Thailand. I mocked it a smidge, since I come the state of 'Mall of AMerica' - which is huge. I was way mistaken. This place is GINORMOUS. More to come on that!

24,000 steps later I was back home. And DEAD tired!!

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  1. You've probably learned to also walk on the opposite side of your so-called sidewalks by no, too. LOL Same as the road. I drove a bike in Nassau, two wheels, but no traffic like you have to contend with. Take care. If you're not comfortable with it, don't do it.

  2. Please be safe my other daughter!! Snakes, are you looking for them high and low? They aren't harmless like here. Do you have sunscreen, a hat, shoes MADE for walking???? Oh dear,I should have packed your bags!!! I can't wait to hear about that sprayer in the bathroom and all the things you don't photograph. EEEUUUU!!!!!


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