Chiang Mai Nightlife with 28 foreigner new friends ;)

Staying at Stamps Backpacker Hostel in Chiang Mai was an excellent (social) choice! Every night there is an organized event - from shows to music to pub crawls - always a chance to socialize with other foreigners and swap travel stories! This night was a jazz bar theme - as you can see, there was ZERO room inside the bar so the street was lining 4-5 people deep to see and listen to the live music.
This is how the night started - someone dared this guy (German) to ring the bell in the commons area bar in the hostel. Fool fell for it (I say that nicely!) and so he had to buy a round of shots for the people in the commons at that time - and give a toast.
At the jazz bar, one of the hostel guys (employee) bet another hostel guy money on whether or not we could all (28 of us) fit or not - and the loser had to do pushups in the street without getting killed..
The night went from Jazz (standing in the street) to walking several blocks down and watched a couple of street acts on our way to a karaoke bar where the 28 of us hostel-ites took over the bar and the microphone!

Karaoke bar BEFORE our crew walked in

And then, after!

(No, I did not sing. I was in band for a very good reason back in the day! I had a great time meeting a ton of new people and getting so many travel tips, advice, and ideas, my brain had trouble soaking it all in! (the info)

It was so much fun!! Until the next morning... I was NOT having as much fun lol. I was SO tired and so dehydrated I was overcome with lazy-ness and the need for carbs.

I went to book another night at Stamps and was sad to find out that they were completely booked. So after breakfast I had to pack my life back into my backpack and literally move across the street, all of 50 feet. But of course I couldn't check in yet.. they did offer these lovely couches though!