Hiking Pai Canyon - aka the Grand Canyon of Thailand

I had such an amazing day exploring Pai Canyon, also referred to as the Grand Canyon of Thailand. The canyon is located just outside of town and is free to wander..The parking for motorbikes is also free. There are vendors around the area of the parking lot in which a person can get water or snacks. The walk started from the parking lot, up a wide lot of cement stairs - probably 100 in all. At the top of the wide stairs you come to a huge reddish-brown rock plateau in which you can see for several miles in all directions. Straight ahead is a trailhead for the canyon rim. It is fascinating to see the rim trail as it weaves around the area, jutting beyond tree lines and treetops. There are no signs, nor railings, nor guardrails on the Pai Canyon Trail. It is simply assumed you can SEE the dangers for what they are before setting foot on the canyon trail. I went to the canyon about 2 hours before sunset. On purpose. I wanted to hike around by daylight, see the sunset, and then hike out before it was dark. The canyon trail was not only narrow, it was very steep on both sides. And the trail was made of almost a 'sand rock' - each step resulting in miniscule sand piles beneath my feet sliding away one by one. I was wearing Chaco sandals. They are the only footwear I own on this trip. They are securely strapped to my feet and I am rather confident in my walking and hiking abilities while wearing them. However they were no match to the sandy terrain. I was slipping and sliding around a little more than I had preferred to be. So, I took my shoes off all together and gained a great deal of traction and stability. In all, the hike was definitely worth it!! There were many people that reached the main plateau and stopped their hike at that point. I was very glad I continued on, and naturally, had no doubt that I would. Where there is a steep drop below a trail, you can bet I will be on it to see what's over the edge!! It was very difficult at times - requiring full use of every muscle in my extremities to either lift myself up out of a crevice along the way, or slowly lower myself onto or into a narrow sandy trail while remaining upright and NOT overboard. It was very hot in the canyon - I managed to drink an entire Liter of water before even leaving the trail area.