Eel Pout 2018


-My tenth annual return to shenanigans on ice in Walker, MN was a success!   The ice was finally thick enough that there were zero driving restrictions for the first time in many years. And the weather was perfect - upper 20's/low 30's - which sounds really cold, but the past few years have been struggling to hit 20 with high winds, so gotta look at the bright side!!!

 Circa 2008

The truck is loaded, we have our bracelets, SHOTS! music... us girls are ready to party!!!

Always a mystery and a puzzle on how to get all of our gear, coolers, food, and booze into the SUV!

Tradition - the last half hour of the drive to Walker must include several replays of LMFAO's SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS and fist bumps!!!

When we finally roll into town and see the party on ice starting up!

We headed out around 3 - trying to miss rush hour traffic. Turns out we timed it perfectly as those who left an hour behind us wound up in a snowstorm while also fighting rush hour. This was the first year in I dont remember how long that we actually arrived in Walker before dark!!!  We went to check into our room, the same room we have had for several years, only to find out someone screwed up and we got a different room, four doors down. Our first reaction was not happy... but once we opened the door to the condo and realized there were no beds in the living room... but instead there were TWO BEDROOMS... we quickly turned giddy. We got a serious upgrade from our studio condo to a 2 bedroom condo with a bathroom 4x bigger than usual. And when there are six girls... this is a HUGE bonus!!!!!  We unloaded our gear, cracked a celebratory drink and hung out while the other girls drove up... then.. let the shenanigans begin! 
And new this year.. we upgraded to the VIP packages! Now to NOT lose this button....


Our SCOTTIE TRADITION - he is always with us in heart and spirit! ~  RIP Scottie  <3

Off to the Legion we go!  Year after year we come up and have met so many of the locals who work the events that when we walked up to the Legion, Chris, the security guy gave me a big hug. Its like 'good ol times' every year!

First night always includes a trip to the Legion for a little dancing, a few drinks, and inevitably... shots.

  Flying Dragon poses or something like that

An Eel Pout First: I broke a tooth (filling fell out)... drinking WATER of all things (Seriously). Me while drinking and trying to explain what happened to the girls... And then our guys being funny and creating their own photos

  SOO funny!

And glad they make a dental patch kit for this kind of thing.... The dentist called it Dental CEEment.. which was hilarious when drinking and in pain!

Our Virgin Pouter ROCKED Eel Pout!
Beer Pong and Hammer Schlagen in the same tent.. what could go wrong?!

 Makin Friends in all the tents which we PACKED with fun people!

<--When you have a broken tooth and it hurts to breath cold air, let alone drink.... you make due with a straw!

Tent Friends


Met a podcast producer... I was drunk.. he was BORING... and he turned his head for a brief moment.. in which I took over the podcast questions... He followed me for a solid half hour before he said I was "really good at interviewing people' but when I asked if he would hire me, he said no. So I walked away...             ------------------->
Day Drinking and Night Fun 

 Customary Breakfast of champions at Zona's. 2 hours later we have new AYYYYYY friends and leave the place trashed. But we tipped Nicole well and offered to clean up after ourselves...

Sights while walking the Ice

SOO MANY PEOPLE! Amazing weather and great ice conditions this year



Dildo on a fishing pole is always a entertaining stop on the ice... we may have ran, tackled each other, and yet we saved the twice cooked pizza that I was convinced I was going to sell on the ice!

I made the front page of the Igloo calendar in 2017!!!!!  (thats my thumbs up and face which is blocked by this guys beard) All of us girls made the first 4 pages... kind of a big deal around here LOL
Thanks to all of the Law Enforcement folks who kept us safe all weekend.. they def made their presence known and gave us some laughs when pulling over this guy who was smoking the crap out of bystanders his whole way down the ice.. but the cop was so close to his bumper, the guy didnt know he was there.. so when the crowd was egging him on to smoke bomb more and more.. well... tee-hee!

                                                                         Our boys of Pout <3  in the midst of HEAVY snowfall

Panty Patrol made the rounds once again

HOLY SNOW!! ---> Good luck to the ice houses trying to get off the lake tomorrow!

 Always fun methods of transportation to be found.. such as this couch behind a UTV...

  Tinker got a LOT of attention this weekend!

All of us survived Pout 2018!  And we reserved our condo + THE CONDO for 2019.. Go big or go home!!!!