Daytona Bike Week - people watching, flying money, palm trees

We arrived at our AirBnB in the weeee hours of last night.. and today We got to sleep in!!!! Felt great! Our Airbnb host, Linda, is pretty awesome and she happens to be from MN. Small world! The weather was cold and rainy this morning so we hung out and BS’d with Linda. She’s got a lot of cool stories and her little dog is way cute- she is deaf and blind but gets around pretty darn well! We geared up tonride, walked outside and were surprised to find it was way warmer than we thought. 
Yay! We rode up to marine land and then down A1A. Stopped to walk a beach. Wanted to walk a boardwalk but it was still Closed for repairs from the hurricane. Not a ton of bikes out today, but the week is young!

Stopped by Finns in Flagler Beach- my old stomping grounds. Got a table on the rooftop overlooking A1A and the ocean- and in the sun. Perfect for soaking up some sunshine and people watching!
Only in Florida will you see anleatgeer jacket, shorts, and flip flops! 

When we went to pay our tab, the wind had kicked up and our cash went flying over said railing to the street and beach below. Shelly ran to get it while I watched where it all went... and we both watched a chick who had just got out of her car, pick up the $20 And pocket it. When Stiffy asked her for it she denies having it. We both argued with her and she refused to give it back. I hope karma gets that B* HARD.

Cruising A1A

After lunch and sunshine we headed into Daytona Beach to check out main street. Did a little shopping and a lot of people watching.

Headed back towarda Flagker to meet up with my good friend Enforcer- she’s one of the wildest women I know and always hella fun!

At the end of the night we rode a brisk 40+ miles back to home base... which was only 12 miles away but someone (me) missed a turn. We had full leathers on and it was brisk!!