February is for Ice Fishing, Bartending, Superbowl parties, Live Music, and FLORIDA WARMTH!

February - Getting closer to RIDING SEASON!!!

February started with a BANG as I got to once again bartend for a local fishing derby - where an estimated 8,000 people attended and several competed for fishing prizes while others came to dance the night away.  I look forward to this event every year - last year was cancelled due to lack of safe ice, so this year was great!!! While there were WAY too many of us volunteering behind the bar this year (I have raging ADHD and standing around is not something I am good at....) it was nevertheless a blast!

SO many peeps

Proud of his fish!

The following day brought in Superbowl 52 - where the Patriots and Eagles faced off. I didnt really care who won - but if I had to choose a team, it was the Patriots. I went to a house party where there were 30+ people cheering on the team of their liking. Lots of food, lots of alcohol, and lots of new people to meet.

The girls and I hit up Post Modern Jukebox at the MN State Theatre - it was an amazing venue and a great show! I love PMJ!!! And I love time with my girls!!!!

And my first time seeing the MN State Theatre was an adventure in itself. Such a beautiful venue!

Another annual tradition is the local pub's hockey bus.. they host it every year. This year they rented three party busses, packed full of MN WILD fans and coolers of free beer and drinks... and hit the road at 5pm. We took the longest possible route to St Paul, then hit up a bar near the XCEL energy center before heading into the game at our drink rail seats. The hockey bus never fails to make a drunk of every person on it... including me. So the game is always a little chaotic and not a lot of focus goes to the game.  This year was no different...

 Hockey Friends!

except that I had a flight to FL at 7am..... which was a bit rough, to say the least. And due to a number of reasons, we sprinted through security, got some things taken from our luggage beacuse we had planned to check said luggage but didnt have time... and sat down on the plane at 6:56am for our flight that left at 7am. No bueno.

Once we made it to Tampa, we ubered to Clearwater Beach for two nights of sun and fun. We had a room kind of overlooking the ocean, in the hub of the city.

We walked the beaches, walked the shops, and had some drinks, watched many sunsets and settled in to welcome ourselves to the FL sunshine! Temps in the 80's would be our luck all week

Sunsets - free every night! And always worth the wait!

Such brilliant colors!

Good company

Street Shows and a sunset festival nightly two hours before sunset and two hours after sunset on the pier. Very cool! Vendors set up, live music, performers, and kids areas. 

Got to see some sidewalk shows

Beach Time is always welcomed

360 Degree Views for Dinner and Drinks

Our wake up view

Got to spend time with dear friends from MN that now live in FL - 

                                                     Watched a Sail Boat Regatta in the Harbor

                              Got to meet some of the crew of Cody Jinx Band - very fun night!!! 

After meeting them and hanging out having drinks with them for a couple of hours, I felt like a BIG WINNER!

Next up, we headed to St. Petersburg for a few nights of fun where we met some fun locals, drank a lot of beer, took a sunset booze cruise, and had a lot of fun!

Beach Fun!

And maybe a few drinks! 

Stumbled upon a sunset cruise for $20 - all you can drink beer and wine?!  SCORE!!!!

<---I am doing it wrong!

Gorgeous sunset!

Some Shark Fun!       





Don't ask- haha

 Lots of local fun at Dead Bob's Bar.. And bartered the hat right off this guys head just for the boys friend Bob... You're welcome!  ...This was AFTER the booze cruise...

Lunch on the water


They can't have a sign like this and expect me NOT to stop!  --------->


WE DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO MN!!!!!!! But we had to... well, at least for ONE day of work before leaving again for Eel Pout Festival. The TOTAL opposite of FL weather!!!!

Eel Pout deserves its very own post ~ coming soon!