Taking the LONG way home from work... a MUST do once the season hits!!!! Late April riding in MN... after a brutal winter.

As soon as riding season is really really here, I cant help myself but NOT go straight home after work. Ever. Even when its near winter like temps. If the sun is out... I must ride!!! And I must also remember to check the weather reports before getting so excited that I fail to do so and wind up in cold rain!


  Ah, better!

When motorcycle season comes, so do maintenance needs, including oil changes. I could bring the bike in for this.. but at a tune of $125 each oil change, that adds up to well over $1000.00 a season in JUST oil changes. So I opt to do them myself. While bigger is sometimes better.... size really does matter when it comes to Torque Wrenches. And this one is a bit eager for the job.....

I always feel that my first bike gets a little left out... while most would say that  bikes don't have feelings, I beg to differ. That and I really really really love the loud sound of her V&H pipes... 

On my way home from work... via a 124 mile detour. Mandatory, of course.

Nothing but sunshine and pavement!

April 25th.. first day riding without gloves and without MAJOR regret.

MN riding season has had a LATE start thanks to WINTER and water...

How much water.. might I ask??

Piece of cake!

Corners. My favorite present.