Dangerous (gravel) Roads Wish List - just the start! #winterideas #badformyhealth

I don't know why, but I sure love off roading on my Victory Cross Roads. When I find sights like www.dangerousroads.org I just cant help myself create a ride wish list!!! Yes, this is missing a TON of amazing roads in Colorado, but I focused mostly on Pass's and Jeep Style Roads. And then I threw in Pikes Peak and Mt Evans for fun - because they are fun! Winter is dangerous to my summer health and safety!   Now.... which one to do first?!

All photos courtesy of Dangerous Roads website:

Engineer Pass:
Image result for engineer pass

Cinnamon Pass:
Image result for cinnamon pass

Mosquito Pass:
Image result for mosquito pass

Alpine Loop:
 Image result for alpine pass co

 And of course, Pike's Peak is always fun!


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