Warmer Weather is coming! Twisty 140 mile ride in the West Metro (of the Twin Cities)

 Here's a fun Western Twin Cities Route - it may not look like it, but there are some great curves and twists along this route. Google Maps just doesn't do it justice!  The route will take you through:  Minneapolis - Wayzata - Mound - Delano - Winsted - Howard Lake - Cokato - West Albion - Maple Lake - Monticello - Pelican Lake - St. Michael - Rogers - back to Minneapolis                                    Approximately 140 miles; 3.25 hours of ride time

394-W turns into 12 W
Take County Rd 15W exit from US-12W
Merge onto County Rd 15/Shoreline Dr
Turn Right onto Commerce Blvd/County Rd 110N (pass subway on the left)

Left on Watertown Rd
Right onto County Road 90
Left on Babcock Blvd/Hwy 12W
Left on County Rd 30, in Delano, MN
Follow this - there are some great sweepers just before County Rd 30 and Hwy 25 intersection (where the mouse is pointed)(the maps just don't do any part of this route any justice).

Continue straight on County Rd 30 through two 4-way stop signs.
Take a right on County Rd 6 North - to Howard Lake

In Howard Lake, take a left on Hwy 12 (again)
Follow until you get to Cokato, MN
Take a right on County Rd 4 North, shortly after you enter Cokato city limits (Cty 4 will be just on the other side of the bridge you go under)  *Fun twisty, and recently paved road. For the most part, follow the speed limits. If you don't know the road, the corners can sneak up on you. Also, beware farmers and campers along the route*

At the stop sign, take a Right on County Rd 35 to the East 
   In 1.5 miles, take a left on County Rd 5 to the North
Turn right on County Rd 37 at the 4 way stop
Turn right on Highway 55 E - In the City of Maple Lake, take a left at the stoplight @ Cty Rd 37
In 4.5 miles, take a left onto County Rd 11/Clementa Ave NW - it is just prior to the Maple Lake Boat Access (which will be on your right - if you pass the boat access, you missed the turn)

In 3.5 miles, turn right onto 80th St NW/County Rd 106 - Beware the corners around the Lakes, the 3rd-4th ones sneak up on you and are sharper than they appear
At the Monticello Covenant Church at 106 and Highway 25, just outside of Monticello MN city limits, continue straight on 106

At the stop sign, take a right on Edmonson Ave NE
At the stop sign, continue straight (cross over County Rd 37)
You will go by the shores of Pelican Lake  - beware roadside fisher people

At the stop sign take a left (east) on 20th St NE/Fenning Ave/35 - east towards St. Michael
35 turns into 241, which brings you to I-94 just outside of Rogers, which you can take back to Minneapolis.