Motorcycling 2016 - 26,192 miles of riding

A.D.D. makes blogging a GREAT idea! But something that is hard to remember to do when there are 1,900 other thoughts going through my brain! And once riding season is over, I try not to think of riding, because, well - its sad.

 Anyways - I started the 2016 riding season in April with 14,112 miles on my bike. I ended it with 38,877 miles. This means that I have surpassed my all time season riding record by a long shot! Add in the miles I rode Suzi from Florida to Minnesota, and I rode a total of 26,192 miles in 2016!!!  24,765  on the Victory and 1,427 on Suzi. Through 24 states total. 12 'new' states for the Victory.

There were so many fun trips - from local riding, to Arkansas in May, Pike's Peak in June,  the Pacific Coast Highway in July, Sturgis in August, Florida/Georgia/Kentucky/Tennessee/Indiana/Missouri in September, Eureka Springs bike week in September, Iowa & Wisconsin in October, Illinois in November, and lots of other little trips. Of the 24 states I rode through, the countless miles, and numerous days of vacation (also a record - I have never taken that much time off in a summer before!), I only hit rain 6-8 times (granted, one of those times was a hurricane....)!

So, now where to go for 2017?? I'd like to take the Victory to the Tail of the Dragon, Blueridge Highway, and Idaho. Random, and not all in one trip, but there are some great roads in Idaho (my first time there this year on bike) and the SE has amazing rides that the Victory just has to go on!

Here are some highlights from May-June-July 2016:

 Me and Jason's first riding adventure ~ me thinking "I hope this guy is cool because it could be a LONG few days if he sucks" ~ he passed the test 😉

One of my favorite roads- Idaho!

Crater Lake - absolutely stunning. This photo was taken with my crappy old iPhone - no editing

My dad rode west with us for a ways ~ looking forward to riding with him more in 2017!

Flagler Beach FL, pre-hurricane 9-1-16

Hanging out above PCH


Most amazing views ever from PCH

Pike's Peak Twisty Road

Redwood Forest - trees were HUGE!

12 from Idaho to Wash to Oregon - bestill my heart