Koh Phi Phi Wild Nightlife

Koh Phi Phi Island

 For nightlife we headed to the 7-11 to buy beers (I am cheap) and headed to the beach where there were TONS of people and fire shows. Some fire shows involved balancing on others backs, spinning fire fiercely around in a circle over peoples heads while lighting their cigarettes, pyramids of guys holding flames in each hand, and other stunts, some even had fireworks. Each fire show had a slightly different twist – all were so entertaining to watch both the show and the mass amounts of people! And the tide was out so the beach was HUGE. Quite the party. Oh yeah, and that beach hostel music? SUPER glad I didn’t stay anywhere along there – you could feel the music in your body while standing on the beach – and that goes til 2am. I would have HATED myself! LOL.
Literally balancing his feet on shoulders and walking around with fire... wild! 

Rachel being serenaded by the native feather dude

One guy is pouring fuel to the fire out of plastic water bottle containers while another is in the middle of the flames

Large crowd for the free shows!

I cant imagine doing this for a living! Oh and they were drinking in between stunts...

Party didn't stop at the beach - it went well out into the low tide

This guy didn't get out before the tide went out

5 guy pyramid with fire

Life is better with friends - Old and New!


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