Adventures of getting from Koh Lanta to Koh Samui

After 1.5 days in Koh Lanta, it was time to head to Koh Samui. I was planning on heading straight to Koh Tao, but after seeing that it would be a 16 hour trip, I decided to stop first in Koh Samui for a night. Which turned into 2 nights. Then three nights. The trip from Koh Lanta to Koh Samui was an adaventure in itself. First I got picked up by a songthew to go a solid one mile down the road, where we were directed to wait for another van. Along came the van, which shuffled us off to a cargo ferry - there were at least 12 vehicles on the ferry, and we were left in the van during the ride.
I couldn't help to think that if this ferry went down, I was a goner. Esoecially because I was in the BACK row of the van, with the van parked so close to the edge of the ferry, there was no way for the door to open and us to all get out if we had to. Here is to hoping!

After the ferry, the van continued for a couple hours before stopping at a building in the MIDDLE of nowhere - the building looked like an old shack on the water that had definitely seen better days. We were told to get out of the van, but to leave our bags, and walk into the central area of the shanty, where we got our next tickets.

After 30-40 minutes, we were shuffled back onto the van and continued on our way to yet another pier, where we were again told to exit the van (with our luggage) and wait one hour for the ferry.  Side note: whenever you book a ticket from point A to point B, they NEVER tell you where it will stop or what you will need to do (ferry, van, transfer, truck, ferry....) - its always a mystery.

And most of the time they nod, smile, and point at where you need to walk or wait and you all just look around at one another - no one having one single hint of what we are doing or what we are waiting for...

After a couple hour ferry ride, we arrived at Koh Samui. I had pre-booked a shuttle transfer to my hotel. While it may have cost me a bit more than I might have been able to get it for, sometimes not having to deal with the chaos and confusion is simply worth the extra cost.

I decided to go big and try to find a place to stay with an ocean view - that was my one goal for the entire trip and I hadn't done it so far. With time running out, I found a place to stay that had good reviews and an amazing pool area!

The ferry arrived on Koh Samui 4 hours LATEr than 'promised'. I was due to arrive at 2:00pm, perfect time to check in to the hotel and see the sunset.... instead, the ferry arrived at 6pm. Sunset happened while en route, which is all great and pretty and stuff, but I just had my hopes set on seeing it from my own balcony. I reigned in my annoyance, after all, there was zilch I could do about it. 

o I arrived at my place in Fishermans Village on the north end of the island, well after 6pm. I dropped my gear and walked around in search of food.  It was relatively chill area, with the night market as the big to-do. There were a ton of street food vendors in the market, which were all amazing! I had my share of eats from pineapple smoothie to kabab to corn on the cob... all delicious!!! Fishermans Village - I found there were a lot of families in this area, which is fine, but backpacking around I was hoping to find more of 'that' crowd.

Laundry night - and by laundry, I mean, nothing passed the smell test. NOTHING. And now I had my own sink with 'shampooing conditioner' provided. This also means "laundry soap". Complete with a clothesline outside for drying. #TheLittleThings