3' waves in a wooden boat with 6 lifejackets for 12 people. BYOB. Challenge accepted!

One of the days on Koh Phi Phi, me and another guy from my hostel took a half day boat tour to see a few of the bays nearby. Due to incredibly rough waters, we never made it to Maya Bay which I was super looking forward. But between the violent waves thrashing our little wooden Long Boat to and fro, getting soaked every other wave that came by, and laughing considerably while secretly hoping we don't go overboard because the 6 lifejackets certainly wouldn't fit all 12 of us in them... It was a great day of waves, 'private' little bays with the most amazing water colors I have ever seen, and fish sightings. Oh, and BYOD. (Bring your own drinks). All photos below are 100% UNFILTERED or changed.... the water is unreal

Viking Cave - I can't remember why they call it that

100% UNFILTERED photos of the water..