Exploring the Island(s) on Bicycle

Waking in the morning I was off to rent a bicycle and explore the island of Don Det and the next island over. The 'roads' were CRAZY bumpy. I thought (more than once) that my little bicycle basket was going to bounce off the bike.

I made my way across Don Det on the dusty gravel road that was insanely rough... passing scooters, other people on bicycles, cows, water buffalo, you name it. 

There was nothing but rice fields, cow pastures, and random shanty houses along the way. I was hopeful not to get a flat bicycle tire out there.. it was HOT. High of 106 this day. I made my way to the end of Don Det, rode over the French bridge, and onto the Island of Don Khone. 


I had hoped to make it to the waterfall this day, but due to time, I was pushing my luck and really didn't want to ride off the island in the darkness. So I spun around, went home and did the trek the next day, successfully riding to the water falls. Totally worth the ride and the views! 

All those silver specks are fish caught by the crew below

Fishing nets using the current to catch them
All those bikes! I left the bike for at least 2 hours, unlocked, and untouched upon return.

Of all the places the lambs could lay....

Back at the bungalow just in time for sunset


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