Motorbike rental in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta Island ~ Me and Michele (my new ferry friend) decided to rent a scooter to tour the island of Koh Lanta. She didn't want to drive one, so I drove. First we started to scoot around the opposite side of the island to scope out the sights of Old Town.  We had very "stylish, well-fitting,  and attractive headwear" (lies) to use on the ride!

Scoot scoot scoot scoot scoot
Soon after we headed out, we needed gas. I don't know why, but the process of getting gas in this country makes me giggle.

They reuse alcohol bottles (and or water bottles) for gasoline
Getting gas here is such an adventure! 

First stop: Old town - admittedly there is not much to do here aside from seeing the old wooden buildings that stand over the water. Old Town was once the main port for the island, now there are some cute shops, a few restaurants, and a couple of places to stay, but it seems and feels like a very low key area.
Old Town - wooden buildings

We took a narrow gravel road that was quite the feat on a scooter with two people. Lukcily we didn't end up meeting anyone else or we would have struggled to find a place to pull off safely to let others pass. It was a very narrow, rough, gravel road!

Imagine that, I found gravel!!

From there we made an attempt at a waterfall, but learned there was no water coming over it and decided partway up the trail that it was useless, so we turned around and hiked back out. First, stopping to have some fresh coconut water to cheers our efforts.

After the waterfall fail, we stopped jungle side for coconut water
We stopped at a couple of beaches along the roadways -

Cool black beach of sorts
Then we hit up the Koh Lanta Viewpoint - it was quite lovely!

Koh Lanta Viewpoint

And we dorked around along the way too!
"Do something" she says as she takes a picture.. OK! 

After our fill of sightseeing, we scootered back to the resort with enough time to watch the amazing sunset and enjoy the evening!  

The scooter was unscathed, as were we! 

 Back to the resort for some pool time

Really wasn't much for nightlife on the island - I spent 2 nights in Koh Lanta... if I did it again (no offense to those who love the island) I would likely skip the island all together.