A tall blonde girl, a 55L backpack, a 15L front pack and a 'taxi' ride on a scooter with a tiny Asian man driving. And no handles. "They broke"

After the pool day, I made another reservation at a new beach - Chaweng Beach. It was supposed to be a livelier area which is definitely was! I stayed at Lub D Hostel - right on the beach, complete with its own pool(s), super clean rooms, and night entertainment. I took a bike taxi there - complete with both packs on.. and the driver didn't know where I was trying to go so I had to hang on with one hand (to the little plastic piece on the back fender, no less) while holding my phone with the map pulled up in the other hand. Why not snap a photo?!

It was a 6 mile ride... and a bit of fear lol

Hostel room at Lub D - super nice digs! They just opened in December...

Old people like myself sure appreciate a staircase to the bed... versus a ladder! 

Pool on the ocean

Sitting on the beach in a beanbag for the sunset and start of nightlife

Walking around checking out nightlife... and see this 'shooting range'... looks super safe... LOL

Privacy curtain was only a halfer - and in a coed dorm, this makes it difficult for privacy. So I improvised...