Day 2 of the Slow Boat Journey to Laos

While at the layover stop in Pakbeng, Laos, I cant say that I would ever stay in my hotel again. Even if I were the one being paid. But the view for breakfast, complete with elephants walking on the beach, was pretty amazing!

 After breakfast we had the option to tuk tuk down to the pier or walk. Its a nice enough morning and knowing full well I would be sitting ALLLLLLL day, I decided to walk. Took a couple of cool pics along the way.

Turns out I should've gotten an earlier start because while the boat didn't leave until 9:30, showing up at 9am was not ideal. Unlike the day before, there was no assigned seating. This means I was STUCK with literally the crap leftovers for seat options. The 'best' worst seat was up front... with all of 2" of leg room. Not 'extra' leg room, just a total of 2".

Making the best of it, me and my seat mate chatted quite a bit. She also smoked. And upon her asking if it was cool to smoke, I caught a glimpse of her cigarette pack. Creepy. They should really market cigarettes in the States like they do here! 

Nothing eventful to report on the 9 hour day riding the slow boat. It was cold, foggy, cloudy, and overall uneventful. I managed to download a book prior to takeoff, which I finished before we landed in Luang Prabang.

People getting ancy and moving about:

My 'space' for the 9 hour trip

As we neared Luang Prabang, the energy of the boat picked up and we all wanted off of there! It was a cool enough experience, but I don't care if I ride another boat as long as I am here lol.
We got off the boat and were greeted with 100 tuk tuks ready to take us into town. It was a 20 minute ride into town, and when I was dropped off in the city center, I realized I had no where to go. So I found the nearest coffee shop, ordered a smoothie with the intention of hijacking their wifi to find a place to stay. Luck was on my side! I found a place just down the road with my name on it and headed that way.

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