Monkey Island - and their invasion of my personal space...

Monkey Island, near Koh Phi Phi island, Krabi-

Let me start by reiterating how much I dislike monkeys. I started this trip REALLY wanting one, but after witnessing them in action many times, I dislike and distrust them greatly. When the boat pulled up to Monkey Island, I had zero intention of getting out of the boat. I have had my fill of monkeys. But upon peer pressure/convincing, I did get out of the boat. While there were a couple of close calls (ie: monkeys in my personal bubble), I managed to get out unscathed. And with some great photos. But you can bet your last dollar I would not spend any more time that necessary on that island!!!


Baby monkey

I swear they could sense my fear... they kept heading my way casually as though we are friends. We are NOT friends. I do NOT have a banana for you or any of your extended family living on this island. 

                  Ok, I admit. This was adorable. And also not making any movements any closer to me


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