Time to go home

Time to go home ~ we plan to meet and be gassed up ready to leave at 6am. I am proud to say I was READY on time!!! That means I was ready on time on the way down and on the way back! Record breaking! We made it home in 12 hours... the last three bringing us rain and COLD temps of course!

Heading north amongst the night sky
Don't know how happy the girls were that I picked one of the windy-est roads out of town in darkness for kicks (AR/MO 90)
Just about sunrise time
Cool layer of fog amongst the HIGH HUMIDITY this morning - everything was 100% fogged up
Sun starting to come up
Just as we thought we were out of the fog, we take another turn and boom! Fog again
Peaceful morning ride
The sun peeking through the trees about 60 miles from our start time
The gateway to the Ozarks
Then more fog
The sun came up and being the blind person I am when it is sunny out, I used my trusty built in sunshade... Only I was struggling to see through it even after I wiped it off. It was only at the next gas stop that I realized WHY...#blondemoment
Boredom shot along the ride home
IDK why, but I love this pic. I take it everytime I go south on 35 to Arkansas.. its like I am 'watching the lil guy grow up' LOL

Slacking and wasn't paying attention to the 90K mark

Naturally we hit COLD temps (40's and 50's) and rain for the last 3 hours of our ride home....

Home and made a grocery run. With the car. And MNDOT had this fancy memo out for drivers "Love to ride? Use your head and your helmet". Appropriate for this evening!