MN pre-winter desperation to ride and other things to cure my boredom of not being able to ride every single day

MN is a funny state. The northern half is well on their way to winter. Like, there is SNOW on the ground, most likely to stay. The southern half is thankful to not be in the northern half. We also get that fun in-between season weather - where is rains for literally days... and we grow cranky and pastier white by the minute. Weeks like this make it difficult to deal with things... no sunshine, no riding, no relief. So, I find other things to do to entertain and pamper myself.  Like bling out my nails.  And take selfies from my work parking lot for kicks.

   I also get things at work that help keep me sanely motivated, like a thumbs up award for working with some incredibly difficult folks with major mental illnesses amongst a million other issues (homelessness, hoarding, jail time, etc...)

And when the clouds break for even an hour, the need to ride comes out strong, so... well, I call bestie and we RIDE!  And get wet. Or, as I like to call it, 'presoak' the bikes for a solid wash.  It makes it all that much more memorable. And me and bestie are CRAZY PATRIOTIC. I Love AMERICA and FREEDOM and the FLAG and all that it symbolizes.  So we ttake time to celebrate FREEDOM with a ginormous flag photo. With my bestie. Life. is. Good. Even if its wet and chilly outside.

And go on pinterest and pin a whole bunch of random crap I will never likely a.) use or b.) look back at

And waste time online taking silly quizzes that 'describe me' by one picture. Oddly, still pretty accurate.

And take a trip to the  The Mall of America, or as locals call it, the MOA. I can never remember where I parked in the place (we were smart and ubered), I cant find my way around, and more people. But there is fun to be had and some things at the MOA (at 8:30pm on a weeknight(Friday) that make 

me laugh and/or shake my head. Such as:

Next up: The whole purpose of meandering here - to hit the comedy club! After a fun time at the MOA comedy club and a few drinks its time to head out as the mall is bare bones. I find my way to a biff. And that was a creepy walk after 9pm on a weeknight (FRIDAY). And then we go to TGIF for a nightcap before Ubering out.

Random things in the MOA


And thanks to him I get new socks that make me excited to go to my next work meeting!!

And if all that isn't enough entertainment for a super fun week, then I hit the WILD HOCKEY season home opener game with the girls. With seats ON THE GLASS. And free food and beverages. And cool ice sculpture things holding little shrimp.  And I get to see the players unload their car with their gear and dodge Reaves as he kicks a soccer ball down the hallway and nearly takes the person next to me out flat.

Even the balloons are cool!

                                               Going 'underground' to refill

The Girls of HOckey