ADHD... when there is a scuff in the paint at 8:30pm

So there I was (on a Thursday night) at 8pm - I got this grand idea to rearrange my room. I moved the bed slightly away from the wall and noticed scuffs/marks/missing paint chunks. A rational human would think "I will make a plan to fix that". ADHD humans think "Well, I have already moved the bed. I might as well repaint my WHOLE room. I have had the (same color) paint sitting around for months with the intention of doing this".. So I start At 8:30pm. .... I painted until after 1:30am, and getting tired, I decided to sleep for a bit before waking up a few hours later to tackle the remainder. Painting is fun for me. Moving ALL the crap in my room away from the walls and taping things that you don't want to get paint on.. not so much fun. I am good at painting.. not good at paying attention to little details.

One small paint scuff.
Yuengling will help me get through the project
Taped and ready to rock

And suddenly, my room feels HUGE

And suddenly I get real technical and start sanding walls like crazy to get rid of huge gobs of paint over the years that created a molehill. All the marks are areas that had lumps on the wall due to years of crappy paint jobs. I came across yellow paint, brown paint, and blood red/purple paint. Or it could very well have been blood. At this point in the game, I didn't care. I just wanted it gone so I could finish this project. So much for a 'great idea that won't take long'....

She says "How's the painting going?" All I could do is turn around and laugh and shake my head at the disaster I have created... 

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The final product:

(Pending)  I have ADD. I will come back to it...

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