What I learned from Sturgis Bike Week 2018, Part One.

After 5 days in Sturgis, here is what I learned:

1. The body can handle a LOT of beating from sun, heat, lack of hydration, and overconsumption at night


2. Sleep is for the weak.


3. Navigating cow trails in the darkness is not as easy as one would think. Its like our very own version of ninja warriors trying to get from Da Bus stop to camp in the middle of the night.

4. Peeing in porta potties at night is much more of a challenge that one would think. Sure, I could take out my phone for a light...but so help me if I drop that thing anywhere... I will not pick it up. It would be good as gone. Nothing about porta potties during anytime, let alone hot bike week, is appealing. I can tolerate using them... at night. Because what I don't know wont keep me up at night. 

                                           (Ok I don't have a picture to go with this statement, but you get the idea)

5. Whenever I think, "Man, I look haggard/chubby/etc.." all I have to do is stop at bike week and take a good look around. Magic! No pills or therapy needed. Just a few hours at bike week.

6. Da Bus wristband is 1000% worth it. And Da BUS Bar is one of my faves!

7. Riding in the Black Hills is AMAZING... but during bike week... one must remember that not everyone knows how to corner (or chooses to corner) like a race bike driver.. and that's OK. Patience is a key virtue.


8. I don't care what kind of pizza you are cooking up at 3am... People will eat it and pay whatever price you say. Just give us the damn pizza.

 And a 40. In a paper Bag. And when the police roll up and say 'No drinking on the streets ladies" and we respond (nicely) with "I know, that's why we are on the sidewalk." This is apparently an acceptable excuse.

9. My hitchhiking skills are still adequate. I can hitch hike from downtown to camp, a mere 3 miles.... like a boss.

(only one picture. I was busy getting a ride..)

10. Bikers are amazingly good people. There are 300,000 bikers and we have seen zero fights, had zero issues, and never felt unsafe as chicks wandering around. Not a lot of groups can claim the same reputation and yet 'look scary' in all leather.


11. I know way more people than I realize and vice versa. So far, that's not scary, just a fact.
I met Sloan at Eel Pout - on the frozen waters in MN. And then we went to Daytona Bike week and tada! And now, Sturgis!

12. I can use sharp objects and drink at the same time and still come home with all of my digits. That's skill.
Stiffy on the other hand....

Addition:   I have been to the Dungeon Bar once or twice over the years, as noted by my name in tables.

13. I like a wide wide wide variety of music.  We saw Tyler Farr, Wheeler Walker, Jr., POD, Tripwire, and local artists. They were all amazing in their own ways - the talent they all possess is impressive.


As is the people watching.




14. Some people clearly don't know just how expensive a motorcycle is. I have heard and seen more than 100 people burn them off while people cheer. Just give me $300 and cheer. I am not wasting 'good rubber' (haha)!!
(addition) People are very talented and creative!

15. A clean bike is 100% overrated.

16. I. LOVE.TO.RIDE. Period.


17. I love living the biker life.

Appendix A. Money is not grown on trees. And even if it was, there are no trees here in Sturgis. So that sucks.

Appendix B. I love meeting new people. And we are good at it!


Another thought:
Don't leave your bike key in your bike and your bike unattended. Morons will take said key and sit on said bike.

Lastly.... I love Sturgis. So much so, that I went home and worked for 3 days. Then came back to Sturgis for a solid 48 hour Encore. #Sturgis