Fun in Northern MN

I have three nieces and nephews up north and they are amazing! So whenever they have things going on I like to try and make it up if possible. Well today was one of the little guy’s last T-ball games. And let me tell you this kid is a rockstar T-ball player-  he can hit a ball and catch a ball like nobody’s business. So I was excited that my schedule allowed me to head up north and see him in action.  The weather was fantastic the whole way, the roads didn’t have a lot of traffic, and I was overall a great day!

I got to see the little guy’s game, see the other little guy and plan the playground with him, and swing by a local beach to see my niece. Also got to spend some bonding time with my parents and bro  which is always nice.

 On the way I did a little sightseeing- I realize even though I grew up there I never actually went out and about and saw the touristy type sites. So I started doing that every time I go up and try and find something new to see that I didn’t know was there... makes it fun and less  of a otherwise fairly boring drive.

  So a quick trip north - a little tball, sunshine, beautiful country roads, a quick stop by the beach to see my niece, time with the fam, and a stunning sunset behind a bug filled windshield ~ Life is Good!