Northbound for Family Fun weekend - fourwheeling, tball, bear sightings, deer, play time!

A quick weekend trip up north (3.5 hours) to hang with the fam and see the niece and nephews.. started out with massive delays due to construction. That's the thing about MN Summers, they are AMAZING!!! But also riddled with road construction and closures, making Friday after work commutes somewhat painful at times. While slow going, it was an overall enjoyable ride after having several days of no riding due to pneumonia. Which is still a semi-issue when the winds are shoved up my nose at high speeds..



 Cruising along with the ol pants legs rolled up because its hot up in there! After the construction ended it was clear sailing and no traffic ~ straight roads for miles, but still an enjoyable day!

Finally reached the Superior National Forest after 3 hours.. sun is shining and life is all good!

Doesn't matter if the bike is super shiny... when it comes to the last few miles of the commute, the gravel will make a mess of it~

 My little future biker nephew!

My niece and nephews are quite possibly the most adorable kids on the planet *biased* and when I come up to see them, its all play, all the time. Which I LOVE!!! I couldn't keep it up 24/7 but I make the most of my time with them! The usual fun includes tball/baseball, fourwheeling, shooting for fun (with my dad and or bro), walking in the north woods looking for creatures and weird trees, and riding bicycles..

Bear sightings... never go unprepared!

Always deer sightings on my parents road - and they are never in a particular hurry to get out of the way. I trade the bike for my parents vehicles at night for this very reason!