Adulting DIY, Bags League, a night out with backstage passes!

Adulting... is learning how to fix an AC unit when it goes out in 90 degree super humid summer days!  Turns out, You Tube and Google pulled through again.. a little deep cleaning and resetting of the breaker and TADA! AC works again! It was a long 2 days of steaming in the house with fans just pushing moist air back and forth over our sweaty skin.. Sweaty from doing nothing!

Billowing sweat from everywhere in this little hotbox of a corner, directly in the sunshine! Determined to fix it myself...

                                                             She is DIRTY! Tools of the trade

                                 Got the AC running and off to bags league I went, showering first, of course!!!

The night after bags league,  I was invited last minute to CountryFest nearby - A Johnny Cash band, Canaan Smith, and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band were the features. Fun! I like Johnny Cash - the band was a great cover band from the Twin Cities.

While we were hanging out after that part of the show, one of the local radio folk walked up to the table to ask if we wanted meet and greet passes for CAanan Smith.. Sure! I don't honestly know who he is, but I can google it quick (which we did)! Turns out I have heard a couple of his songs and like them. Way cool! We line up at 7 as told and wait to have our pic taken with him. Someday, that pic could be GOLD!   After him came Nitty Gritty... I remember hearing this band 100 years ago in a little field next to a iron ore mine pit. They sound the same and I still only know 2 of their songs! But 3 good shows followed by fireworks and a police sticker and my night is complete!!!!

Got a new sticker for my helmet