AR-MO twisties, a ferry jaunt, and nightlife shenanigans

Today is riding day!! We went across the street for breakfast then headed out to play. The sun was shining, the purrrrrr of bikes can be heard for miles, and life is good!  We left Eureka Springs with leathers on and by noon, ditched the leathers for some sunshine on our skin. We rode 143 North  out of Eureka Springs - which winds from Berryville up through farm country, over hills, and through lots of fields. From there we went into southern MO, near Branson, where there are more amazing roads with lots of corners and great views. We took MO-JJ road - which is a long windy road that offers views of Table Rock Lake.. and is also a dead end. Funny, as we neared the end is exactly when I remembered that we made this mistake last year too. O-well, great views! We double backed to MO-86, on to 65 (highway) and over to 14 East. Another twisty awesome road with minimal traffic. I was looking for the AR - JJ road, but never did find it on the way - so we ended up at Peels Ferry - which was the plan, just not in the direction that we made it happen. I have been to ES and BBBQ Bike Week for several years and had never taken the ferry. Something different to do! Turns out we missed the ferry by 10 minutes.. and it only comes every 40 mins so we had time to kill. We loaded the ferry, crossed over on the other side and hit the road once again. We geared up before the ferry landed so that we could get ahead of the other bikes on the ferry, four of which we blasted past earlier today as they were going 40 on corners that were marked in a 55 zone. In order to get all three of us around their pack, I accidently hit 100mph. But we got around them and they didn't get to the ferry until it had arrived.. so we were a solid 30 minutes ahead of them. They evil eyed us the whole ferry ride.  After the ferry ride we made our way to MO 160 - LOVE this road! It is on the very southern border of MO, just outside of Branson and it CRAZY twisty and we were pleasantly surprised by the FRESH pavement fun! We headed west on that, then south on 143, back in to ES.

Gravel - weird!

Oops.. dead end and gravel. Again.

Corners corners corners
                                                  Great views over every hill and around every corner

  Play time!

Peel Ferry road

Awaiting the ferry and taking in the views

Time to kill = selfies. And a lot of them!

Those poor boys in the back were displeased being passed by three girls

Still killing time and being weird

On the ferry!

After the great day of riding, we meandered back home to watch the Vikings game (just for a bit until they were doing terrible and we lost interest), have a few Yuenglings, and head downtown ES.

We hung out with Neeto along the way for a sangria slushie and chips and salsa. Shelly met him last night and he offered to buy us drinks at his Mexican restaurant. Sold!

Our usual jaunt downtown includes a walk past the bar recycling pile. It starts like this.. and by the end of the weekend that whole dumpster will be MIA behind bottles.

Little shadow entertainment while walking with a roadie down to the local pub 1.3 miles away

We met some great people, saw some old faces, and celebrated an amazing day!