Jetski Shenanigans

Jet ski weekend (aka SORTIE) - always such a blast! It starts with day drinking, then finagling our way onto a wave boat, followed by a ton of photos and laughter and awe. There is a huge banquet at the end of the day, complete with food and prizes/raffles, and then a huge bonfire on the beach complete with a DJ... and the party continued until 3am!! 

Fellow wave maker
                         Some of the stunts of the weekend:

Driver down!

Sometimes things don't go as planned and skis inadvertently take on water... and quickly sink to the bottom if rescue is not near. Thankfully these boys saved the ski and the guys day!

Wonder if these guys are actually catching any fish in this chaos?!

Bestie and I ~ Rough life on the water

They all make it look so EASY!

Skis just waiting for the perfect wave


So many skis to watch!

Girls just having fun!

Kick ass boat and awesome company!

The riding day is winding down

SORTIE take-over!

Beautiful scene as the moon comes up and the party starts!