Next up: Kentucky Derby!!!!

It never fails.. a vacation is planned well in advance, I KNOW it is coming up, I KNOW I should start packing and running around to find stuff well ahead of time.. but yet I always wait until the last minute... so there I was the last two nights, wide awake and getting ready for the the next adventure... unpacking the suitcase, starting laundry, and 3:30am like normal people do... lol. Not only that, but I didn't plan ahead for the attire so I went on an Amazon BINGE in search of the 'perfect dress' I had my very own fashion show too. Yes, you read that right. A dress. I can go from biker to girly-ish girl and back given the right environment and outfit!!! This weekend brings me to the Kentucky Derby!!!! I have never been and never expected to have the opportunity to attend, but here it is!!! I am going with a boy and a few of his friends, we are driving down in an RV. Yep.. I am trading the bike for an RV, booze, and a dress for the weekend. One part of me dislikes that idea, the other is grateful for the opportunity to check out an amazing event, in which the RV trip there is half the fun!!!

Outfit... what a struggle to find the perfect attire! I HATE shopping.. but was forced to an outdoor mall.. on a weekend day. I only made it 2 hours before I needed to leave to prevent others from being harmed. That is literally how much I despise shopping. It wouldn't be so bad if I could walk in a store and be guaranteed finding what I was looking for. That whole wander from store to store for a bargain or the 'right item'.. not my idea of a good day. They created Amazon Prime for folks just like me :)

I volunteered myself to bring treats for the trip... and of course went on Pinterest and went to the store feeling like Martha Stewart. You know those "Pinterest Fail" photos? I will be posting both of mine soon... I am simply NOT crafty but always seem to think I am. And no matter how hard I try to believe that I am like Martha or Betty, I am not. But, it tastes good so if people just shut their eyes when they eat, it will be amazing!

So, I am still running on minimal sleep for (?) weeks, but somehow manage to keep on truckin. And to be honest I don't feel very tired too often. But, I know my body would appreciate sleep... I did give my liver some time off between NOLA and the Derby though... I still have a lot of things to see on my BIKEIT list in life!