Last minute run around and time management fail

Once again I wait until the last minute to prep for a big adventure on the. Ike. I swear I’ll never learn. I did get the bike ready ahead of time 👏 but then ‘had extra time’ to
Putz.. and well, the air filter is clean, gas tank back on, spark plugs are new, exhaust completely removed and put back on to hopefully stop that awful squeal of metal on metal... and she’s clean! Whores bath, but cleaner.

 Didn’t start packing until midnight... then got distracted by needing ‘needing’ new music to jam to on the way. Something about ADD and the need for 2,000 songs to keep me entertained!! But- packed I am and off to bed for a solid almost 2 hours!! Meeting the crew at 5:45am for yet another iron butt attempt and hopefully success!! Why not, right?! I mean, Mississippi IS on the way to Indiana!!! Lol