May 5th - Cinco De Kentucky Derby

 The Kentucky Derby -  From the majestic Churchill Downs venue, to the glamourous dresses and hats, to the people watching, the horse racing, and the fun filled atmosphere, it was truly an event to remember. Even with the record setting rain, it was awesome! I traded in my high heels for flip flops and conquered the weather with the best attitude possible, puddle jumping to and fro like a classy lady. People had left the area so quickly to find dry places to stand, that it was like a party ghost town. There were blankets, picnic baskets, chairs, bottles/cans, boxes, and even shoes scattered around the infield area. People were tearing apart cardboard for make-shift cover. The tunnels from the main building to the infield area were jammed shoulder to shoulder with damp, warm bodies, making sunglasses fog up immediately. The lines for the porta potties were mud bogs with people were helping one another stay upright while trying to walk in fancy shoes. While it would have been amazing to have had yesterdays weather of sun, a light breeze, and 80's... the rain simply made the entire event a little more memorable and with a little more conversation to be had later in life. Everyone walked into the Derby on race day looking like a million dollars - all glammed up with fancy attire, big hats, sparkling jewelry, and great makeup.. spent the Derby seeking shelter and rain jackets and hat protectors... and left the Derby looking like slightly less that unsightly drowned rats. We left the Derby in style - calling our new friend that we made earlier in the day (a local LE officer) who came and gave us a lift back to our campground, soaked from head to tow... and with a classy new picnic blanket that I wanted which was abandoned infield for hours... and now weighed a solid 40# due to water log. We got back to the campground and peeled back our completely drenched Derby attire, wrang it out the best we could, and continued to celebrate the day, Derby Style. While still listening to the pouring rain coming down...

WKYT headline from their website: The 2018 Kentucky Derby hasn't even started, yet history has been made Saturday at Churchill Downs in Louisville.
Chris Bailey of WKYT in Lexington reported more than 2.31 inches of rain had fallen by 4:20 p.m. ET, which eclipses the highest rainfall ever on Derby day.
The National Weather Service announced Louisville and surrounding areas were under a flash flood watch until 6:30 p.m. ET, with the Derby post time set at 6:34 p.m.:
A jokey and A horse costume

Shelter from the Rain

Abandoned infield picnics and parties

  Still trying to look like a lady!
Making the most of the weather
   Our ride back to the Campground was super fun!

Track conditions: "Sloppy" is right!

Pic found online

Fun hats

The one and only dry pic on Kentucky Derby Day

Drying out our hats on the way back to MN