Homeward Bound - 39,000 steps and 18 hours of sleep in 4 days. And we are all on the plane home! Success!

Our Super nice AirBnB apartment which was 0.7 miles away from Bourbon Street! 
Our AirBnB
9,300 Steps by 8am... #GettinFit
Night walk home fun- our last night of shenigans! Homeward bound just a few hours after this pic
 I love Flying
Our trip is over, but MAN was it a BLAST!!! Walked 39,000 steps in 4 days. Slept a total of 18 hours.... drank our fair share of hurricanes.. made friends... got a suntan... LIFE IS GOOD!
Layover in Chi Town. I love this city! But I am tired and ready to go home!