Kentucky Derby

Headed to the Derby in the RV - was a little bummed I wasn't on the bike, until we hit terrible weather both there and back.. and also, I could drink and or sleep during the drive - also a bonus!! We left late Wednesday night, arrived in Louisville around 10am Thursday. We bummed around picking up some stuff for the weekend while the rain went through. Then we headed to the Derby Ground campground and set up the RV and patio area, and cracked a beer! 

Flowers for the girls from the boys

Campground water tower - we are less than a mile to the Derby grounds! The camping area had a fun little bar with bean bags, horses on wheels to ride, some fun derby props, and karaoke. And $3 beers.
RV is all set up, patio is out and time to enjoy some sun and soak up the festivities. We watched as people kept on coming into the campground and soon it was a small city!   It didnt take long to meet the neighbors while some of the crew went and played bags, some chilled and bs'd and later on, we bummed to the 'fancy' part of the campground where the RV's were GINORMOUS and had 3-4+ slideouts and all the bells and whistles.... 

 Fancy part of Campground Town

 Hanging out and soaking it all in!