Trip home and then Reality Strikes Quickly

 Well ~ our final day and we have to meander towards home. We took the long, scenic way out of town along HighBridge Road - taking some pics of the scenery along the way.. while also trying to stall reality!

  Love the hanging trees and calm waters

SO MUCH traffic heading north from Daytona - surprisingly, it was 98% trailers and a random bike or two.... it was super weird as we felt like the only bikers on the highway and it was the official end of bike week!  One by one we tackled down the states en route to just outside of Nashville for tonight.
Every intention of AVOIDING Georgia, until the weather veered us there to avoid a big storm

 Cool hangy trees in the backwoods of GA - we diverted from the freeway due to a traffic nightmare and took sideroads that were pretty scenic

Riding along, jamming to tunes, and loving the feeling of warm air.. while it lasts!

I love stupid funny signs!


So close to Alabama, so we had to swing 25 miles out of the way to take pics by the state sign (and ride into the state a smidge for gas)

Next up, Tennessee!

  And back to our friends place outside of Nashville!!! It was a late night of riding, but not too bad overall. We managed to dodge all of the nasty weather, thankfully!
Next up - reload the bikes on the trailer (boo) and head to MN. 

Bikes are holding strong!

And naturally, a little roadside fun!! The road is a windy one today - complete with tornado warnings, 35mph+ headwinds and COLD air!

Uneventful in loading the bikes and we managed to get them tied down well. They didnt move the whole way home, thankfully!! We headed out early in the morning from just east of Nashvillle and made it back to MN late at night.. we were tired, sick of driving, and not looking forward to reality... but.. we had a safe trip, no major casualties, a lot of laughs, and everything ran well, so we cant complain!!! 

When we got back to MN, we dropped the trialer into the garage, and called it good. We were both way too tired to get the bikes off of it in the 30 degree temps, blasting wind, and with our double vision from two solid days... 27 hours total... on the road!

My ankle (that I broke in 6 places a few years back...)was REALLY mad at me for the 27 hours+ it was well below my heart and in one solid place.. while encased in cowboy boots. Compression stockings didn't make any difference after that amount of time!

 "Welcome Home..."Snow, sleet, cold weather... and ..
And! A flooded crawl space....

Long story short, the water softner went out, the line flopped loose and there was a giant waterfall everytime it went to refresh..... hours later, all that is fixed... and I am headed to work in less than 2 hours. Sleep fast!!

 Less than 24 hours back in MN and I am losing my mind 
and want to go on vacation!!!! Haha!!!  
But first, I must earn my keep for awhile.... ------>