One week age 22” of snow ~ and thi week ...NOLA bound

It’s crazy to think that exactly one week ago today I was helping people push their cars out of 2’ of snow at the bar (ok 22” but close enough)- one after another I was working my way towards a Good Samaritan award.

And then, in the midst of it all, my keys fell out of my pocket somewhere in said 22” of snow and never to be found again. And my spare? Yeah it was in my purse... locked in my car. So I recruited a friend who brought me to my house to find my other spare key which was non existent. Next best thing? A wire hanger. Yep, just like back in the day, I busted into my own car with the ol’ wire hanger trick!

And by this time, there was another 5” of snow on the ground... so we gave up and walked in the bar, only to not leave until they closed (early!) and then we bar hopped towards home. Luckily our buddy has a big truck so we literally swerved around 7-10 cars just randomly stuck in the road... including the local PD.

But by this time, I was D.O.N.E. helping people! The snow, in mid April, sucked!! But we made the most of it and next thing you know I was sitting in 22” of snow on a buried lawn chair in my tank top... pretending it was a another day at the beach! MG got the #1 amount of snowfall over the weekend at a whopping 22”...for real. 

Fast forward one week... and all the snow is melted... it’s a predicted high of 60 and I’m on the way to the airport with two (out of 5!) of my fave girls to fly to New Orleans..the shenanigans began early in the morning and continued on the shuttle ride where the driver clearly doesn’t think all of us will make it back in one piece ‘based on the conversation’ we were having.

Then TSA pulls us all aside, asks who the responsible one is and the girls foolishly point at ME. 🤣🤣 TSA then gave us our ‘very own line’ for security checks.. and after we all cleared it, he pulls me aside to say once we land he wants me to have a ‘cold bottle of medication 😉 for him’. Like a classy broad, I flip my iPad over to show him 5 mini bottles... he laughed and wished us luck ‘because we all need it’.  We have time to grab eats and drinks ~ only we suck at telling time and suddenly we have to get our checks and roll. But I went big and ordered a jumbo beer... and like a slacker, wasn’t done with it. So I ask the server for a to-go cup and she laughs. I wink and say it’s for my water.. she comes back with two to-go cups. One for water, one ‘on accident’.  So I pour the beer into my roadie glass

and we start moshing towards the gate.. which is on the other end of the airport, when suddenly- we were famous! It’s like they knew we were coming and rolled out the red carpet as they called our names over the intercoms of the airport. Three names called, three girls taking off in a sprint while holding my to-go cup carefully in front of me so not to spill. We get to gate H14 and they re-opened the gate door for us and chaperoned us (literally) down to the tarmac thing. We board the plane and find out it’s not full and there are open seats in the back. Right where we belong, I say. The flight attendant, Stephanie, said that Molly in the back would take good care of us. I said we need supervision and little did she know I meant if!  We made great friends with Molly~ so much that she hooked us up with free drink tickets for the next flight leg!! We had a mini layover in STL- next up, NOLA!! 

We landed in NOLA at 5:30pm... grabbed uber and headed to our Airbnb in the Treme neighborhood of NOLA. Super cute place- 1b/1b with a kitchen and porch overlooking governor Nichols street. Unpacked, got ready, headed out for bourbon street.  We haven’t eaten much all day so we stopped at Nawlins PoBoy. A random single dude offered us his table as it was bigger, we declined but the next thing I know we are all sitting with him at his table. #MakinFriends
We mosy down Bourbon St- see Hurricane drinks for $4... naturally we doubled up. Go to pay and he asks if the drinks were being paid together... yep... they are just for me 🤣 we walk out of there with 6 drinks between the 3 of us. Not expecting them to have any alcohol in them... and then we took a sip. Holy balls!!! They were STRONG!!! We all started to laugh and agreed that we are probably in trouble for the night. Stroller up and down Bourbon street- people watching, balcony hopping, and lots of laughter. We saw a lot of crazy stuff- a dancing female penis, drunk people passed out cold on the sidewalks, horse cops messing with people, flying beads, fleet week shenanigans, and lots of alcohol.

Fast FWD a few hours and we are drunk. Found a bar that had 3-for-1’s. Let me tell you... we did NOT need 3-for-1’s!!! Met lots of cool people, put on a boatload of steps and had a blast!!! 4am rolled around quickly and we called it a night.