NOLA Wanderings ~ 19,000 steps by 8pm!

UneedaBiscuit - IDK why but this was hilarious to me

After a really late night of hard core drinking, we slowly got motivated to mosy out and wander around New Orleans. Its a beautiful day - sunny, warm, and a perfect breeze. I hit 6,500 steps before 1pm according to fitbit!! Vacation is GOOD for me!!
We stopped for a drink at this rooftop bar - scored a table in the corner and in the warm sun. Our $14 drink (just one!) was stupid expensive but turns out it packed a solid punch. Onward we walked
Its Fleet week - a whole added level of shenanigans 

 Hit the Outdoor Market along our walk - we hit several landmarks today!! I was here in 2013 with my crazy biker girls and this Oyster Bar forever changed me... 

Fleet week and tall ships 

PALM trees and sun!!  

Unique architecture 

I ate it... it was tasty aside from its looks

Hilarious Pride store

Girls trip!!

 Our kick ass bartender girl 

Tall ships are coo interesting 

Immigrant statue