Minneapolis Fun

Finding things to do in winter months (when it should be spring!!) in MN is difficult.. So I found a groupon for a random Goose Chase hunt in Minneapolis. The goal is to find as many things on the list of 150 that you can in two hours time. It was chilly, but sunny, and a pretty successful mission - we ended up in first place!!!  We had to find things like signs, professionals, icons of Mpls, historical things... And you had to take a picture of each thing you found and download it to the app to prove it to the narrator on the other end of of the app.  We ended up in FIRST PLACE!! And then had date night at Pantages Theatre - a fun day!

The first finding a police officer! CHECK!


 Stone Arch Bridge

A little history mixed into the hunt!

"Pretend you are playing tug of war with someone and have someone else take a picture"

Pretend you are a zoo animal on the street (aka monkey)  

And.. pretend you are listening to a rock concert on the sidewalk

Find a statute and an art object

Pretend you are bullfighting someone on the street

Make duck faces

  Text message from our mentor:

Later that night was date night - at the Pantages Theatre for Puddles Pity Party - he was on Americas Got Talent and has an awesome voice!

A fun day back in MN!