Bike Week Nightlife in Daytona 2018

There is a lot to see and do in Daytona during bike week - from people watching, bike drooling,  beach walking, coastal riding, and seeing good friends - its a whirlwind! This year, St. Patty's Day was thrown in the mix too!

Annual gathering of the Florida Bike Week Crew

Boots on Biker Ground

We ubered into Downtown Daytona for a night of shenanigans and CRAZY people watching!

I have never seen this many people packed on the sidewalks in the 5 years I have been here. It was crazy!!! And also St Patty's Day!!!

Happy St Pattys Day!

Main street and downtown on Friday and Saturday nights were crazy!! So many people - so much going on - and so many beers to drink (because we Ubered!)!  One of my fave bartenders every year!

Mainstreet Bike Camera - and then wall to wall people

Sunset in the Main Drag

St. Patty's Day Festivities

Met up with my FL girls!!

Downtown sights and my fave beer