Ski Doo Henge, Deer Camp, Christmas, and the Kromer Cap: Must Stop's in the UP!

I am so grateful that my dad and I can do annual trips together (and other local rides)!! This year we chose Michigan for a destination - partly for the weather forecast and partly because my dad got his new 2020 Spyder just a few weeks ago and he wanted to test it out closer to home after his 2019 Spyder debacle.  We cruised through the Upper Peninsula - there is some amazing country to ride through up here! And some pretty funny Yooper stops that I highly recommend (if you have a good sense of humor and are easily entertained)!! All things below are FREE!!!!

 This guy is in Ironwood, MI - a bit off the beaten path. He happens to be the tallest Indian in the US. 

Also in Ironwood - the Stormy Kromer hat factory. I admit, I didn't know what it was based on this - as the ones I have seen and know are red and black flannel hats with ear flaps on each side that can tie up or be left down. I thought this looked more like a hat from the Red Hat Club. 

Here is what I know them as:


I found this gem of a stop on the Roadside America site. 100% worth a stop - it's as odd and quirky as it sounds, but soo much fun to see and laugh about in person! 
Notice the "girl" pushing the "guy" with a barrel on skis? Here is the sign on the other side of it - this is FUNNY - don't read this blog post any further if you are not easily entertained! (Aka - don't read if you are easily offended.)

This was especially funny because my uncle's name is Eino - and this is right up our family's alley as far as sense of humor. 

Deer Camp is an official season in Minnesota, just as it is in the UP. And this Deer Camp 'exhibit' was very accurate!!!! 

Take a minute to slowly look around this picture - it is HILARIOUS if you know anything about 'Deer Season"!

As I was looking around the mock deer camp and laughing to myself, I hear, "Come look at this!"... I said I would be there in a minute and my dad says, "I can't stand like this/here all day"!! Wondering what that meant, I turned the corner to find him here:

Like father, like daughter:

This was one of my fave's - the deer are drinking and playing cards, while the humans are hanging upside down outside. 

There's Stone Henge, Car Henge, and in the UP, there is Ski Doo Henge. LOL

Rumor has it that this chainsaw actually works! 

My dad is the best! I am thankful that I inherited his sense of humor!!!! 

We also made a stop at Christmas, MI. I am not a big Christmas fan, but my mother is. So this one is for her! 

Speaking of Christmas, this little diddy was at Da Yooper's Tourist Trap Stop - "The Original Leg Lamp"

Da Yooper's Tourist Trap: