5 hacks for making your life on the road more convenient!

Over the many miles I have ridden, I have come up with a few hacks that add convenience to the trip.

1. Using my bag latches to hang (lightweight) things from with a bent paperclip. I have hung washable markers (that I use to write directions on my windshield), earplug containers, and clear glasses. Little things that tend to disappear in the depths of the bags can easily be found and accessed with this method!

2. Sticky backed business card holder - I stick it to the inside of my saddlebag for easy access to my insurance card and credit card (no digging around at gas stops!). I have another one that holds my business cards. 

3. Hair ties around my mirror - no matter where I roam, I can never find a hairtie. By having a few around my mirror, they are easily accessed/found. They also offer a safe place to leave your glasses at stops. I have even used them to secure my phone to the holder in rough weather. Hairties have endless

4. I just recently learned this one. Using zip ties to secure the side panels on my bike so that even it pops out of the grommets, at least it will not fly off the bike while doing down the road. I simply drilled through one of the plastic wings and loosely zip tied it to a bundle of wires nearby. The key is to LOOSELY close the zip tie, so that you can still access whatever is under the panel!! 

5. Extra Ram Mount - I drilled through the plastic piece of fairing that holds the winshield in place, but has nothing behind it. It's a great place to put my phone so that I can easily see it while riding when using GPS. It also keeps the phone out of the elements moreso than having the mount on my handlebars. This is another one I just learned of!

Do you have any hacks to make the ride a little easier/more convenient??