Aladdin, Wyoming - Population 15: A stop at the Aladdin General Store

 Aladdin, Wyoming is definitely worth a visit - a 'town' where the only thing around is the 100+ year old Aladdin General Store. Quirky signs and memorabilia greet you in the parking lot and a little bit of everything awaits you inside. The store was built in the 1890's, when the population of Aladdin was around 500 thanks to the local mining industry. It has a ton of character, from the creaky wooden floors to the crooked stairs leading to the 2nd story. In it's time, the store has housed a telephone office, a barber shop, and a freight station. Today, it is a a bar, a post office, a diner, a general store, and an antique shop, all in one. They sell everything from snacks to belt buckles, gun holsters, jewelry, and souvenirs on the first floor. The second story of the store has antiques and other random treasures. The 'town of Aladdin', as the store is called, has a population of 15, and was for sale for many years, before it was bought by a young cowboy (I think he said in 2017) with the hopes of putting it on the map. 

Insider Tip: Bring cash - there is no ATM and when we were there, they were having trouble connecting to internet to run someone's fishing license - not even sure if they accept cards. 


Aladdin General Store can be found here: