Ride Eureka Springs, AR: 242 miles of ALL corners starting with the Pig Trail and a stop at the famous store.

Click the link for map & step by step directions!  242 miles of cornering fun - plan at least 7 hours.
Pig Trail - Oark - Hagarville - Deer- Ponca: 23, 215, 103, 123, 327, 74

This route leaves Eureka Springs, heads south on 23 to the Famed Pig Trail. Be sure to make a pit stop at Turner Bend Store for lots of cool mementos, cold drinks, bathroom stop, and photo ops.
 Head back north a couple of miles to 215 to the east. This road follows the river, passing by campgrounds, hiking trails, and various picturesque stops. Then head south on 103 through Oark. Stop and check out the old school Oark gas station and store.

Then meander your way to Hagersville, where you will then head north on 123. One of my faves - it has sweepers, switchbacks, a few 10 mph hairpins (if that). Then hit 7 to 327 - there are a variety of alternate roads you could take to get the same place - 7 to Jasper is great, 123 is great.... lots of options!  In Jasper, head west on 74 - another fun twisty with a variety pack of corners and switchbacks. Head north on 103, where the corners don't end. Then hit 412 - but just because it is a 'highway' - don't let it fool you - its very windy and hilly. Then hit 21 north for more corners where you will end in Berryville - to take 62 back to Eureka Springs. No roads in this route are straight in any way, shape, or form! Be prepared to take some of the rubber off of your sidewalls!!! So fun!!!

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