A ride to, and a hike around, beautiful Interstate Park (Wisconsin side)

Interstate Park - well worth a stop!!! Located on the Wisconsin side of the MN - WI border at Taylor's Falls. The MN side looks to have more established hiking 'trails', complete with guardrails and paved walkways. Not true on the Wisconsin side. While there are a few areas on the WI side that are flat - the only real walkways I saw were located well into the rock bluffs and only to guide people away from the ledge. There are several miles of trails on both the MN and WI side though, so I could be very wrong. Don't take my word for it - go explore!!! (Map at bottom of post)

The road into Interstate Park, the Wisconsin side, it just as enjoyable as the many trails to explore

Tons of trails - some flat, some rocks, some quite steep, others quick and easy - all have great views

 But I safely made it out to the edge for the most amazing view!!!


 Needless to say, I stuck out quite a bit in my 'hiking gear' - especially as my boots clicked against the giant rocks I was scaling!! But after hiking a couple of miles through nature, it was 100% worth it!! Next time I might even bring real shoes!!!