Every year the bestie & I trade 2 wheels for water - Jet ski shenanigans!

Flashback Thursday!!!  The tale end of the summer means Annual Bestie Road Trip, Sans motorcycles, to Sortie - where hundreds of jet skiers come to show off their moves and have a good time! Love looking through these pictures!!

 We hop in the wake boat and use our best photography skills to catch the stunts - its SO fun!!!!

There is a reason the folks wear full face helmets on a jetski! 

Beware RiVer Rocks - one hour after arrival, sliced my foot open in the river and well....I didn't want to miss out on the entire rest of the weekend, so I used a temporary fix! Not always the best ideas!!!

Putting my foot in the air to get the blood flow back to my leg LOL

(We have to take a vehicle to carry camping gear, food, coolers, and because the drive home is usually painful lol...but at least there is a sunroof!!)