4 girls on the loose and on the way to Arkansas via 2 wheels!

Ah, the annual fall trek to the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ Rally - in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Northwest Arkansas is my ALL time favorite place to ride in the USA. Four of us girls took off after work to get a head start on the (easy) 11 hour ride. The more daylight we could arrive in, the better, since 3 of us were going to need to set up camp when we arrived to Arkansas.

    Sporting my Nomadic Gear thanks to @NomadicMichigan

We all look so bad-ass in our leathers!!!

We stopped for the night just outside of Des Moines - get a few hours of sleep, and back on the road in the morning!

After an easy 7 hour ride to Eureka Springs, we debated between heading straight to camp to set up, or heading straight to the Cat House bar to park and walk over to Aquarius for THE BEST TACOS in the entire region. In the end, Tacos clearly won! Aquarius is a cute little place on Main Street in Eureka Springs, AR. I don't even think the name of the place is on the outside - they get straight to the point and have a huge sign that simply says "TACOS". You walk up the cobblestone steps and straight ahead is a rock wall, that the restaurant is built into, with a  mini waterfall coming down to form an au natural fountain.  Another bonus about Aquarius is the view - we can eat and watch the chaos of the cathouse as folks start to arrive in droves for the rally.

From there we headed to Camp - Stiffy and I had stayed at the Green Tree Campground in the spring and LOVED it - the people were awesome, the amenities basic and just right, and the hospitality was second to none! So we booked our stay there again - and hospitality didn't fail. We asked about a picnic table since none of us brought our chairs. Next thing you know, she fires up a tractor, and comes around the corner with a table in tow. Not only that, she also brought an umbrella... that LIT up! Easily entertained, I was in awe.

Camp is all set up! Time to walk downtown to grab a celebratory drink and see who is around that we know!

The walk is a mile - and there are sights and shenanigans en route that offer endless opportunity for entertainment for our adolescent-minded selves! Not to mention the gas station guy who loves us and packages our 40 oz'ers for the walk! 
                                                          Or the bestie riding this pig in front of a BBQ joint, for example! 


Hard to tell, but that is a Welcome To Eureka Springs Sign. With two biker chicks laying on top of it..


  1. You and your Amigos have such a good time, when you ride together. Never been to BBQ Rally, but when I do I'll check out the Aquarius Tacos establishment. Thank for the good read 😎

  2. We've been there several times as we use to live just outside of Eureaka Springs for almost 2 years on hwy 23 which is known as the pigtrail, BB&B is an awesome event, thx again for sharing another great trip n ride safe


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