Moki Dugway - a steep, narrow, gravel switchback road with a view ~ my dream come true!

The Moki Dugway, located just outside of Mexican Hat, Utah, on 261 is one of my favorite (short) gravel roads to ride. It is 3 miles long with an 10% grade - gravel switchback after gravel switchback after gravel switchback. The views from the top are impressive of the mesa below. It's not for the faint of heart, nor those who don't like to ride 2 wheels on gravel.  But it is very do-able on 2 wheels. And, it's super fun!     

A view from the top of Moki Dugway!

Waiting for Stiffy - so I can capture the moment!!

 It's like at one point, someone suggested they pave the corners. But then they changed their mind midway through..
 Riding on roads not exactly meant for 2 wheel cruisers is my HAPPY place! (This one IS very do-able so long as you are comfortable on gravel and with switchbacks!)
 Round and Round and Round I go!
Here come the corners!!! And drop offs!

The view from one of the top pull off areas

Oh, those views though!!!

Random pavement patches - not sure if this helps or not... gravel on top of pavement while doing basically a U turn... not the best combo on 2 wheels!



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