5 things to know about Sturgis Bike Week

5 things to know about Sturgis Bike Week

1. Bring earplugs. Or wear headphones with white noise playing into your ears. This is your only hope to not be woken up either at 3am from some yahoo doing a serious burnout or at 6am from the over achiever biker crowd leaving to ride.

2. Traffic. If you ever go to the Blackhills of SD to ride aside from rally time (and you SHOULD!), you know that once Rally time nears, all of the speed limits decrease. There are stop signs put up where they usually are not. There are temporary stop lights. Everywhere. The Main Drag to get thru Sturgis is usually a hold-your-clutch-and-sweat event. There are stop signs or lights on every block, literally. Your bike (and you) WILL get very hot if you attempt to go THRU Sturgis at any time.

3. Weather. You WILL ride in the rain. It will MOST LIKELY hail while you are there for a brief time. Hail hurts.

3. If you see a gas station without a crazy long line of bikes waiting to fuel up, even if you don't NEED it right that minute, gas up anyways. You will thank yourself later, when you NEED gas, and find every pump is 3-4 bikes deep waiting.

4. If you need cash, you will SPEND cash to get it out of the ATM. Fees are crazy - especially at the Hot Spot Big Name bars. One block off Main Street in Sturgis is a bank. Find a bank if you can... This is highly recommended!

5. Be prepared to be amazed. From the variety of bikes - cruisers, touring bikes, custom bikes, vintage bikes, choppers, endure bikes, to café racers... you will see it all. And people watching is second to none!


  1. Enjoyed your light humor and insight of your Sturgis adventures.
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