Indy 500 - Camping in the Coke lot and scalping FRONT row seats for $40 ...An AMAZING experience!!!!!!!!

INDY 500 - I had no desire to attend, but when the opportunity arose, WHY NOT?? Turns out it was EPIC! Not only did we see the race, I scored free VIP tickets to the Sam Hunt concert the day before... just for standing on the sidewalk waiting for the girls to pee!  I went into it thinking it would be a cool experience if nothing else. I left thinking I would TOTALLY return! SCalped $40 tickets - 2nd row on the 4th Turn where 3 crashes happened RIGHT THERE! Sat in the infield some, people watched, and tried to grasp the concept of HOW HUGE the place was and just how many people were there! It was insane!! And it was a scorcher - turned out to be the HOTTEST Indy on record with 98 degrees. The track was 132.. and being right next to the track got HOT! The sights, the sounds, the feeling of the cars whizzing by at 213 mph... it was surreal!! And the best part? You can bring coolers in the track - beer, water, ice, all of it. We walked in and saw Kelly Clarkson on the big screen singing the national anthem as everyone in the walkway stopped and paid respects.

 Millions and millions of people for as FAR as the eye can see

Scored FREE Legends Day VIP tickets to Sam Hunt just for standing on the sidewalk waiting for the girls to pee (not sure where the pics of that are...)

Chillin - trying to anyways! Coolers and chill wraps!

People everywhere!

Sitting in infield with the peeps - next up: Mosying to our seats

Scalped FRONT row ticket on the 4th corner!!! EPIC!!! The sound of the cars whizzing by... and the quick blast of HOT wind as they go is crazy real!

NO ZOOM and $40 seats!

When its the hottest Indy on record, people tend to stay home. Which means my one scalped front row seats - had plenty of openings for everyone!!! 

WAlking out of Indy back to Lot C.... CRAZYNESS!
The hottest INDY 500 on record.  Doesn't look so bad on 'paper'.. but add in ZERO breeze aside from race cars,  350,000 spectators, and more alcohol than water..... the body takes a beating!

Indy 500 is on Memorial Day weekend. The race is on Sunday.. and then everyone packs up and leaves... on a Sunday.  Of a long weekend. I don't know why, but that just seemed odd to me!

TIME TO ROLL OUT - 92 degrees at 7pm..

Rolling HOME on the hottest Memorial Day on record.. weird!!!!!!!


  1. Let's not forget the free VIP Pit Sam Hunt concert and the crazy storm that brought us amazing puddle jumping opportunities!! Soo much fun!! #DuctTapeForTheSave #WhatStorm Always a fun adventure Bestie!!


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